URCW is located in a 15-acre campus in the heart of Karaikudi and is easily accessible. The serene campus provides a unique and pleasant environment conducive to learning. Well furnished classrooms, auditorium, conference halls and recreational rooms are designed to provide the required infrastructure for students. Elements identified as crucial to the future success and maintaining the high standard of education in the college include:

Qualified faculty to maintain high academic standards

Excellent faculty, administration and dedicated staff to support implementation of academic programs.

Enhanced Information Technology Centre to realize full potential

A totally dedicated center with state of the art hardware, software internet and networking facilities to realise the full benefits of information technology today.

Wide spectrum of books in a user friendly library

Furnished with a wide spectrum of books that will supplement academic requirements, reference materials, periodicals, technical bulletins in a user friendly environment.

Extra Curricular Activities to provide holistic education

Extra Curricular activities like sports, personality development and presentation skills are offered to develop student's interpersonal communication and management skills.

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